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About Us


This is who we are and where we are.  If you want our phone numbers and addresses for our different locations, please go to our number garden.

For a list of companies and organizations we serve, see our client list.

Mission Statement

We exist to provide superior environmental services at the operational level to the water and wastewater industries.  We assist owners and operators, both public and private, by providing quality laboratory and field services, training and technical assistance.  Our partnership with our clients creates a team that is committed to protecting public health and the environment, regulatory compliance and achieving customer-defined goals.  For more about our services, go to our services page.

Core Values

1.  Honesty and Integrity: All relationships, those with clients, regulators, employees and others, are conducted with uncompromising honesty.  We can be counted upon to keep our word and tell the truth. 

2.  Quality: Our services and products are developed and delivered with maximum effort and according to the highest standards.  We are here to serve our customers and each other well.  Our employees deserve and are provided a quality career and workplace.

3.  Fairness in Business: We exist to make a fair profit from the products and services we provide.  All transactions shall be win/win.  We believe that a fair business transaction favors both parties equally.

4.  The Golden Rule: We treat others the way we want to be treated.


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