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Our laboratory focus is water and wastewater.  We offer the following services:

  • Sampling and field analysis:  We can perform water, wastewater and monitoring well sampling.  Our sampling abilities include both grab and composite sampling.  Our field technicians can set up and take down automatic samplers at your specified location and perform the necessary field analyses.  We also take routine drinking water system samples.
  • Water analysis: We offer a range of drinking water parameters for system self-monitoring as well as compliance testing.  
  • Wastewater analysis: We perform analyses on NPDES, ND and industrial wastewater.
  • Groundwater analysis:  We analyze monitoring well samples.
  • Surface water analysis:  We perform testing on river, pond, lagoon, lake, etc. water for various parameters.
  • Golf course irrigation water analysis: Let us analyze your irrigation water for critical parameters.  
  • Activated sludge process control: We can set up and implement a process control regimen for you, which includes data interpretation and decision support.
  • Microscopic analysis: We can assist you in identifying activated sludge problems and microorganisms, such as filamentous and viscous bulking conditions.  We can also provide photos to document conditions.
  • Laboratory support services: Thermometer, analytical balance calibration, standard preparation, blood and SPC agar preparation.  
  • Data submission: We can submit your drinking water system input reports, pretreatment DMR's or any other regulatory reports.
  • Assistance with laboratory certification: We can guide your laboratory through the application process if you seek state certification.
  • Treatability/Bench Scale Studies: We can simulate wastewater treatment processes in the lab to determine treatability for specific wastes.

Our labs are certified by SCDHEC in Hampton (#25003) and Lexington (#32571).  Our services are statewide.

Print Chain-of-Custody Form (PDF file)

Sample Container, Preservation, Holding Time, Volume Chart (PDF file)

If you need a service that is not listed, please contact us.  The above list is not comprehensive, but an outline of our most commonly-requested services.  Also, if we cannot provide what you need, we would be happy to recommend someone who can.  Since we network with other service-oriented organizations, we are confident that we can provide you the services you require or the guidance thereto.



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